The Year in Review: A Letter from Representative-Elect Mary González

Dear New Leader,
I want to thank you personally for helping me win my race to become the newly elected state representative for HD 75 in El Paso. I am proud to be a part of this organization, which is stepping up to a generational challenge and changing Texas in lasting ways that naysayers said weren’t possible.

It’s been an incredible and busy year for New Leaders Texas. We are excited about the work we’ve done and the organization we are building. Please help us finish the year strong with a donation today.

In April, I was thrilled to receive the New Leaders Texas endorsement. New Leaders also endorsed my friend Ann Johnson for State Representative in HD 134 (on Sunday, Ann received the endorsement of The Houston Chronicle).

In May, New Leaders Texas raised money for me in Austin, then helped get out the vote in El Paso. Once I am sworn in, I’ll be the first openly gay woman to ever serve in the Texas Legislature, and I’ll be an advocate for all Texans.

In June, New Leaders Texas co-hosted the Texas Democratic Party’s State Convention Keynote After Party with Mayor Julián Castro and Representative Joaquín Castro, and many of you were among the more than 1,000 who attended.

In July, New Leaders introduced Ann to North Texas at a Dallas fundraiser.

In August, Mayor Julián Castro was chosen to deliver the DNC Keynote and weeks later, New Leaders Texas board members and I attended the National Convention, in which a huge spotlight was shone on the state of Texas and Democrats around the country told us, “Texas is the next battleground state.”  

Will you help make that reality with a donation to New Leaders Texas today?

In September, we heard from New Leaders across Texas that Senator Wendy Davis needed to be the final candidate we endorsed this cycle. We are proud that our New Leaders Texas donation and match were able to contribute to this critical race.

And just last week New Leaders Texas hosted the South Texas Mayors’ Meeting in McAllen with special guests Mayor Julián Castro and Representative Joaquín Castro who pledged to join forces and work together as a region to protect our values in the upcoming legislative session.

We hope you are proud of what we’ve done and that you are as excited for the future as we are. Please make a donation to help us round out the cycle and support New Leaders Texas’ mission to nurture and promote the next generation of principled, capable Texas leaders. 


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