New Leaders Texas is a statewide network committed to nurturing and promoting the next generation of capable, principled Texas leaders. This diverse network of Texans represents a variety of backgrounds, professions, and experiences in political engagement. 

Through its political action committee, New Leaders Texas identifies and supports young, dynamic candidates who, unlike the state’s current leadership, represent the real faces of Texas. In the 2012 cycle, the New Leaders Texas PAC will support candidates for the Texas House of Representatives, the Texas Senate, as well as candidates seeking municipal and county offices.

New Leaders Texas began during the 2010 Texas gubernatorial election as the New Leaders for Bill White Initiative. The New Leaders Initiative was designed to target Texans in their 20s through 40s, many of whom had never participated in statewide politics before, and make them stakeholders in Bill White’s candidacy for governor. Some were Democrats, some Republicans. All wanted new leadership in our state. During the course of the 2010 election, the New Leaders Initiative raised more than $330,000 for Bill White’s campaign from this base of young donors. It hosted events in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Washington, DC. It plugged New Leaders into key roles across the state in the Bill White campaign.  

After the 2010 election, members of the New Leaders Initiative met at a ranch in Valley Mills, Texas to discuss whether the network would stay together and, if so, with what purpose.  At this meeting, we drafted the New Leaders Texas Principles.  The Principles evolved over the ensuing months based on input from other New Leaders throughout the state.  Soon thereafter, the New Leaders Texas PAC was formed. It has since become the entity through which New Leaders Texas impacts elections throughout the state.

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