Our Principles

  • New Leaders consider a well-educated workforce to be a pillar of the state’s economic prosperity.
  • New Leaders shall be responsible stewards of government, making Texas a better state for the benefit of the next generation.
  • New Leaders shall promote equal opportunities and civil rights for all Texans, regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation and identity, and national origin.
  • New Leaders shall take honest, tough, and principled stances to ensure the prosperity of Texas.
  • New Leaders recognize that Texans have a right to own and control their own lives and bodies.
  • New Leaders shall not be constrained by traditional practices or ways of thinking but instead innovate and think creatively to solve problems.
  • New Leaders recognize that government works best when leaders build consensus to solve complicated problems.
  • New Leaders shall advance a strong public education system that provides equal opportunity and access for all students.
  • New Leaders demand that, when government action is deemed necessary, it be effective and transparent.
  • New Leaders shall identify qualified and principled Texans and support them in transitioning into public service.
  • New Leaders call for fiscally responsible governing, applying sound business principles to maximize the value of government expenditures and making smart investments while placing the least possible burden on the individual taxpayer.
  • New Leaders call for officeholders to serve in the public’s interest and not govern in the interests of themselves or their largest donors.
  • New Leaders shall remain active in their communities in non-political as well as political ways outside of the election cycle.
  • New Leaders shall coordinate a cohesive, vibrant, and direct message that is grounded in and consistent with these principles. 

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